Mission & Vision

Mission and Vision

Vision of organization

Establishment of a free, fair and harmonious society where people of every walk of life will enjoy equal human rights and opportunities.

Mission statement

To promote skill, capacity, human values and consciousness level of the poor and destitute target people, especially the woman and the children, and to ensure environment friendly and sustainable development for them.


Socio-economic development and empowerment of the landless, asset less, poor and destitute people of the intervention areas of ASF.
To make the target people self-reliant in all needs and necessities of human life through various efforts and activities.
To improve economic conditions of target people through employment and income generating activities.
To ensure health conditions of target population by providing health and sanitation education and disease treatment services.
To create human and social values in target population through awareness raising education and motivation.
To build up capacity of the target population to identify and analyses different socio-economic issues and problems concerning them and how to solve those.
To develop the environment through social forestry and nursery program.

Target people
Landless, asset less, poor and destitute people all women, children and men.