Major Activities of the Program

  • Institutional building.
  • Research & Study
  • To build the Mosque, Madrasah and Orphanage
  • Education Program:
  • HIV/STD/AIDS Prevention Program:
  • To Distribute the commodity in different religious ceremony
  • Mother and child health care program:
  • Democracy and Human rights program:
  • Health and Nutrition program & Immunization program:
  • Micro Credit and Micro Enterprise
  • Qurbani Program:
  • Relief & Rehabilitation
  • Environment and disaster management program:
  • Advocacy and Networking Program:
  • Women Development
  • Handicraft works

a. Institutional Building:
Unity is strength, keeping forward this truth ASF started to organize the poor, distressed and underprivileged people of the rural areas. The rural people, women in particular, are socially degraded, economically dependent, professionally unemployed and personally underprivileged. These poor and distressed people have little access to social, political and family decision-making process Socio-economic condition of the Peoples with Disabilities is worse than other people. Their basic rights are violated and they live a subhuman life. They were unable to fight against their misfortunes individually because they are ignorant, unaware and dependent. ASF intends to develop institutions of the poor and make them conscious in order to enable them to identify, analyze and understand the reasons for their distress and dependency as well as find out possible solutions

b. Education Program:

Normally the parents are less interested to send their children to school and engaged children to hazardous child labor for the income. ASF tried to change the attitude of the parents and implementing non- formal education for the marginalized and working children. It is very difficult to make them understand about the value and importance of education. ASFused friendly non-formal education method, curriculum, and materials for the marginalized working children.

c.Skill development Training:

Training is most essential for any development work. The target group members are made conscious through training. Every human has some hidden qualities and knowledge but due to some circumstances she could not reveal these knowledge and qualities.

Through training, those hidden knowledge can be revealed. A group member can do work but cannot do in organized way. So she should be taught teaching to do that work in organized ways and promptly. Training is an ongoing learning process in development and these leanings are essential for everyone.

Included tra ASF des and occupational skill development training for the selected group members. Before providing Credit support, group members were entitled to attend 03 days training course on individual trade so that after having the credit money group member can utilize the credit money efficiently and in profitable way.

Name of training Program:
1.Social Awareness Rising & Women Development.

2.Leadership Development.

3.Group Accounts & Record Keeping.

4.Mother & Child Health Care.

5.Family Management & Cooking Balanced food .

6.Environment Awareness Raising.

7.Preventive Health Care .

8.Credit Utilization & Management. 9.Handicrafts and 10.Tailoring .

c. Health(HIV/STD/AIDS Prevention Program:

ASF has been carrying out health promotion programme, which includes health education, awareness on HIV/AIDS through cultural activities in it’s cultural team and weekly group meeting, treatment to common disease, STD/HIV/AIDS are the most dangerous infectious disease. AIDS is now recognized as one of the major killer disease in many countries of the world.

d. Mother and child health care:

ASF has been started the above program to ensure the child health and pregnant mother health care services through the clinical support to improve the health condition of them.

e. Health and Nutrition Program & Immunization program:

Health service is one of the most important sectors of the activities of ASF. It has been providing different type of health services and awareness on health. ASF has been continuing to support the Mobilization of vulnerable households through various health campaigns& Immunization program and delivery of various health services as well as health facilities. The major activities of the project include verification of demand for Hand Tube Wells (HTWs), latrines and on-site solid waste disposal facilities, assessing community structure and determining communication support activities, Household Environmental and Sanitation (HES) related campaigns, promoting installation of HTWs, latrines. Providing technical assistance, guidance and training regarding HES facilities, equipment support for sanitation, holding group meeting/workshop and monitoring the sustainability of behavioral changes.

f. Advocacy and Social Mobilization:

ASF moved towards a rights-based approach to meet its challenges and the needs of its clients, as opposed to the long-established needs-based approach. Experts, local and foreign, were engaged to train ASF staff on advocacy principles and practices; issues found at the regional level, such as the quality of primary education and political accountability, were identified through which to sensitize local communities.

g. Micro-Credit and Micro-enterprise Program:

ASF has started its Savings and Micro Credit schemes in 2008. ASF has started its Savings and Micro Credit schemes in 2008. Before starting this program it was identified that in the Urban areas the poor borrow money from rich friends, relatives, moneylenders, shopkeepers, marketing middleman and semi urban employees. Women are the most down-trodden section of the society. They are always thought of burdens. If they could be able to generate their own as well as the emancipation of the whole family then, they would not only eradicate poverty but also earn a place in the family for themselves. The Micro credit Program is ASF main poverty alleviation program, which envisages making the disadvantaged rural women to become self-sufficient. The goal of this area-specific project is to provide loans on very congenial terms, so that borrowers can invest their money in income generating activities to directly improve their economic situation, promote solvency and ultimately to raise social awareness for improving the quality of life as an aftermath.

The programs activities are being implementing at Dhaka urban and . The major activities of the project include survey and selection of beneficiaries, somiti (Group) formation, mobilization for savings, providing small loans to support small initiatives females are the direct beneficiaries from the project. Micro-credit is very small in size for micro entrepreneurs and low-income households who can use the funds for income generation and enterprise development but can also be used behind health, education etc. This is actually extension of small loans for the marginal people who are unable to access to bank loans for entrepreneur development. It has proven an effective and popular measure in the on-going struggle against poverty, enabling those without access to lending institutions to borrow at bank rates and start small business. The organization plans to expand the program in the near future.

h. Water & Sanitation:

Water & Sanitation Program is one of the major development activities of ASF. Safe drinking water and hygienic sanitation is a must for the safety of life as well as sound environment. ASF undertook this program in order to ensure safe drinking water and hygienic sanitation in the rural area because the people of this area are ignorant, unaware and indifferent about the importance and need of safe drinking water and hygienic sanitation.

ASF has been implementing Water and Sanitation program under financial and technical assistance of NGO forum for Drinking Water supply and Sanitation considering the inadequate access of villagers to safe drinking water and hygienic sanitary facilities.

ASF undertook Sanitation Program in order to ensure hygienic sanitation in the rural area because the people of this area are ignorant, unaware and indifferent about it. As a result the people of this are had to face various water borne diseases and nasty environment. NGO forum for safe drinking Water Supply and Sanitation provides financial and technical support for the program.

ASF has been implementing Model Village activities in the collaboration with the village development Committee, which is also formed by the Organization. In this regard ASF conducts monthly VDC meeting, courtyard meeting, school meeting, tea-stall meeting, Imam orientation, group meeting etc

Aquaculture Development :

ASF has Fish Culture and agriculture program in the working area which is running in a better way with the financial support of Organizations own fund.

j.Handicraft :

ASF has been working on rural and urban handicrafts development for the poor women to create employment and income earning opportunities for their rehabilitation. Mainly Nakshi kantha, basket, bags, purse, stitching shares, wall mats, table mats etc. are prepared by the poor women through providing and then those products are sold in the markets.

k.Legal aid Education:

The rural and urban people are not conscious at all about their legal rights, legal laws etc. So, they become victime and cheated by the Matabbars and touts being misguided. ASF has been educating targeted people on legal education, arrange workshops and rallies on legal right, women’s rights, arrange mediation meetings with the conflict creator and also provides legal supports to the poor victims.

w) Child and Adult Education:
ASF feels education is the main and important factor for all development activities and education gets top priority in every case of development affairs. ASF educates the targeted women in different ways to raise their level of understanding before starting any project activities and to eradicate illiteracy.

To this end, ASF emphasis adult education and child education programs.

l.Environment and Disaster Management:

ASF has tree plantation and nursery program with a view to balance the ecological degradation to improve the Environment and disaster situation in the working area.

m.Gender related activities :

ASF is a gender equity sensitive organization. To make the target people, staff, local elite and functionaries sensitive to gender equity, various gender and right awareness activities such as training, problem identification, action plan preparation for the group members, and sharing with male counter parts, UP chairman, local shalish and elite are held regularly. In addition, different types of gender and rights related messages are delivered through women group meetings.

ASF believes that human rights deal with human necessity for “expression”, “creativity” and conviviality for deciding own density. It looks critically into the socio-economic, political and cultural system, which directly or indirectly influence the life of the suffering humility. ASF Human rights Preservation concept strongly considers that poverty and disadvantages stem from the unequal socio-economic and political power. It is rather an participation in making.

Working Experience with Donors

Period Client Project Country Firm
1995to till ASF Program of  Institutional Development Bangladesh Arafah Shakti Foundation
2005-2009 Arafh Islami Group Water Supply & Sanitation program Bangladesh Arafah Shakti Foundation
2008-2010 Ministry of Health & family Welfare Health , Nutrition and Population Control Project Bangladesh Arafah Shakti Foundation
2008 to till Arafh Islami Group Resettlement & Awareness Programme Bangladesh Arafah Shakti Foundation
2009-2011 DANIDA-GOB HYSAWA Project Bangladesh Arafah Shakti Foundation
2004-2008 BAMWSP Arsenic Mitigation Program Bangladesh Arafah Shakti Foundation
2008-2010 Arafh Islami Group Relief & Rehabilitation program Bangladesh Arafah Shakti Foundation
2006 to till Arafh Islami Group Land Reform and Resettlement Program Bangladesh Arafah Shakti Foundation
2007 to till Arafh Islami Group Women Empowerment & Income Generating Program Bangladesh Arafah Shakti Foundation
2006-2016 Arafh Islami Group Non- formal; Primary education Bangladesh Arafah Shakti Foundation
2006 to till Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Health , Nutrition and Population Control Program Bangladesh Arafah Shakti Foundation
2005-2008 DPHE/DANIDA Water Supply and sanitation Bangladesh Arafah Shakti Foundation
2008-2010 Women Watch Bangladesh (EC) Small Business and Training program Bangladesh Arafah Shakti Foundation
2009 to till Department of Social welfare Mother Health Project Bangladesh Arafah Shakti Foundation
2009 to till Bronx NY-USA Disabled development project Bangladesh Arafah Shakti Foundation
2003-2011 USC-B Adolescent Development project Bangladesh Arafah Shakti Foundation
2005-to till Uniting Protestant Chuches in the Neatherlands


Street children development project Bangladesh Arafah Shakti Foundation
2002 to till Arafh Islami Group Poverty Alleviation Program Bangladesh Arafah Shakti Foundation
2007 to till Department of Social Service Aforestrotion program Bangladesh Arafah Shakti Foundation
2009 to till Department of Social Service Sewing Training Project


Bangladesh Arafah Shakti Foundation
2009-2014 Department of Women Affairs Matrittkal vata Prodan Kormochichi Bangladesh Arafah Shakti Foundation
2010 to till Department of Social Service Land Reform program Bangladesh Arafah Shakti Foundation
2014-2015 Department of Social Service Lactating Mother Bangladesh Arafah Shakti Foundation